The online casino game is a gambling and as well as an entertainment. Other names that online casino is called is either, virtual or internet casinos. Again you can divide online casinos into two groups and these shall be clearly examined in this article. The two groups are; online or Web-based and Download Casino.

WEB-BASED CASINO A web-based casino is one that is run and operated online through the building of a website for it. They are also known as a flash casino. It is a website that affords the player the opportunity of sign up and makes a deposit which gives you access to their platform and then you are enabled to play the casino game of your choice.

Games on the platform are enabled through the aids of plugins applying the use of applications such as Micromedia Flash, Micromedia Shockwave and or Java. It is these applications that grant smooth and seamless playing experience on the website. For all of these to be functional and without any hitch, you will need the use of bandwidth so as to ensure that the graphics, sound,

And animation are effectively deployed to function optimally. On the other hand, there are some web-based casinos that allow the player to access their choice of the game by the use of plugins which are enabled by HTML interface. Please do note that Apple device such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone are not enabled to play the flash game because the technology is not supported by it.

DOWNLOAD BASED ONLINE CASINO There are some casinos that you can only download their application for you to be able to sign up and then play your choice of game. It is only when you already have the application right on your equipment that you will be able to sign up, create your account, play and wager on the different kinds of games offered by the casino.

Download Based Online Casino does connect to the internet service provider and (ISP) to the casino’s server, and does it is enabled to be accessed by its players. Experiences have shown that a download-based online casino runs faster than web-based casino due to the fact that the graphics sounds and animations are cached by the internet service provider (ISP). This is different from the web-based casino that will have to load from the internet, and this is the reason why it is faster than a web-based online casino. Again, it is instructive to be aware that, your first download from the internet may take some time, and not only this, there is a possibility of malware, that is, the application be accompanied with a virus! To this end, you must ensure that your equipment is protected against malware.

VIRTUAL CASINO GAMES In virtual casino games, you are virtually seeing the game you are playing through the screen of your computer. The functionality of the virtual game is however enabled by pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) through the data released by it. The function of this software amongst many is to determine the order of the cards as played in the game. It determines the outcome of the dice when it is thrown and as well the outcome when a slot machine or roulette wheel is spanned.

PRNG deploys the use of some mathematical instructions which are called algorithms to generate a long stream of numbers. These numbers generated in return gives the impression of randomness. Should it be implemented correctly, the PRNG will ensure that games are true, fair and unpredictable. The aspect of the PRNG that does this is called the “Mersenne Twister”. In so doing, it is with the carefulness to earn the trust and confidence of the player that the machine has not tilted its functionality to favor the edge to the house.

This becomes necessary because the internal workings of the machine are not made visible and known to the player.Another means of earning the trust and confidence of players is by regular external audit of the report made available and accessible. This is the regulation put in place by the regulating authority of the operating casinos. The winnings made in the casino are matched against the underlining odds with a view of ascertaining that it is not higher to the advantage of the casino and detrimental to the players.

If the player can trust the regulator, then his confidence on the casino will be guaranteed.BONUSESCasinos are often offering bonuses to their intending players, and there are different types of bonuses. The intention of the bonuses is for marketing purposes and to earn the continued patronage of the players.WELCOME BONUSThis is a bonus that is offered to players to encourage them to sign up with the casino and maintain an account. There at times the casino will, besides the welcome bonus,

goes ahead to issue additional bonus in the course of maintaining an account with the casino. It may also be issued each time the player makes a deposit.REFERRAL BONUSThere are two kinds of referral bonuses, one for the referrer and one for the referee. The referee gets a bonus when he or she eventually sign up and named the referrer. The bonus will be earned as soon as the referee completes the sign-up process by making the deposit and placing a wager to kick start the playing of the game.

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